Comprehensive Psychiatric & Psychological Services


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While we understand that sometimes there can still be a stigma associated with seeking mental health services, our goal is to provide patients with the respect and understanding they deserve consistent with the treatment of any medical condition. 





We help patients with the following:

1. Depression

Depression can be caused by a combination of biological, psychological and social sources of distress. The persistent feeling of sadness can cause a wide range of symptoms, including changes in:

  • Sleep
  • Appetite
  • Energy Level
  • Concentration
  • Behavior
  • Self-esteem

A combination of therapy and medication is usually recommended to treat depression and conditions such as Bipolar Disorder.  To schedule a clinical evaluation, contact Dana Wiley, MD

2. Anxiety DisorderS

While it's not uncommon to feel anxious from time to time, ongoing anxiety that interferes with day-to-day activities could be a sign of an anxiety disorder. 

Since living with anxiety can be a long-term challenge, it's important to talk with a mental health professional who can suggest medication, therapy or other lifestyle changes such as relaxation techniques to help you better cope with your symptoms.

Learn more about the services that we offer or contact us today to gain a better understanding of how we can help you. 


We provide SUBOXONE therapy to treat opiate dependence. By decreasing withdrawal symptoms, SUBOXONE reduces the cravings, which help patients reduce the risk of abusing addicting opiates. Physicians can subscribe SUBOXONE, and similar prescription drugs, so that patients can take the medication at home. To learn more about our counseling and treatment options, visit our guide to SUBOXONE therapy.