Opiates, commonly referred to as narcotics are medications used to treat pain.  Unfortunately some people may abuse or become dependent on prescription opiates or illicit opiates such as heroin.  Abuse is the deliberate use of a medicine beyond a doctors prescription.  Dependence occurs when the body requires higher doses of a medication to get the same effect and stopping the drug can produce withdrawal symptoms.


SUBOXONE works by decreasing withdrawal symptoms, reducing cravings and affecting other receptors in the brain to reduce the likelihood of abusing additional opiates.  Since SUBOXONE has a decreased risk of abuse and diversion, physicians are able to prescribe the medication so that patients can take it at home.


We also prescribe SUBUTEX when clinically indicated.


If you or someone you know is struggling with opiate/narcotic/pain pill addiction or dependency, we can help.  Dr. Dana Wiley is a Board Certified Psychiatrist and we have a Psychologist and therapists to provide counseling upon request or as directed by your individual treatment plan.


We have 2 convenient offices in the Greater Greenville/Powdersville area and Anderson, SC to provide SUBOXONE treatment and therapy.


Drug overdose from prescription pain relievers and heroin are the leading cause of accidental death in the United States.  However opiate dependence and addiction not only affects the individual physically and psychologically but also can devastate their family, finances, academic and employment opportunities.  Isn't it time to get you life back on track?  Don't wait, call us today!