Don't Let Your New Year’s Resolutions Put You in a Slump

new years resolutions

Resolutions are notorious for falling behind as more important things get in the way. Not fulfilling your resolutions can put you in a slump that can make you more susceptible to depression. Instead of making lofting resolutions, this year create goals you can achieve to help boost your sense of achievement. Here are a few ways you can create achievable goals in 2016.

Be More Mindful

Focusing on the past or future can be a daunting thing. These are aspects of your life you can’t change. By focusing on the present and taking time to relax your mind, you’ll make most of the time you have now. This will allow you to be more productive with your time and you can see more successful results when striving for your goals.


Improve Your Health

While the struggle to lose weight may seem like a stressful resolution and it’s one that people constantly make and fail to achieve every year. However, there is hope. Instead of striving for a certain weight, strive to become a healthier you. Create smaller resolutions that will give you more instant success. For example, instead of resolving to lose weight, create a resolution to go the gym twice a week. Every time you meet your goal you’ll feel a sense of success and motivation to continue.


Differentiate From Your Past

The beginning of the year is often a time for reflection, where we often target our failures or unpleasant traits. Without even realizing it our behaviors are influenced by our past experiences. Resolutions are a perfect time to look at our past and make improvements. It’s important to face the mistakes in the past and strive to become better people. These goals are extremely personal and should make you feel hopeful about the future. 


Challenge Yourself

Resolutions can’t be entirely successful without some kind of challenge. And one of the best ways to that is by challenging your inner critic. This critical voice will shoot you down and lure you into self-destructive ways. By challenging your inner critic and seeing the positive in every situation you’ll feel more successful on a daily basis. Taking a positive approach to your goals gives you the best change of achieving lasting results.


New Year's resolutions aren’t meant to bring our spirits down, but inspire us to change for the better. By making goals that make you feel good, you’ll be more invested in achieving them. For more guidance, seek the help of a psychiatrist in Anderson, Dr. Dana Wiley MD PA.